We Do What We Can

Petra Kauraisa is the founder of We Do What We Can (Vi Gör Vad Vi Kan), a non-profit  which raised over $1 million, and approx 250 tons of clothes and other items for refugees, in about 10 days in the fall of 2015.

We Do What We Can has funded legal aid, medical services, education, food, transport and many other things to provide support for refugees in Greece.

Our efforts include providing a mobile medical unit on Lesvos for Doctors of the World (including all running costs such as salaries for doctors, nurses and translators);  buses and water fountains on Lesvos; electricity to the camp PIKPA, which caters to the most vulnerable refugees, such as the pregnant, elderly and sick; provided fresh food to over 10 camps in northern Greece, and a mobile school unit for the camps around Athens.

Additionally, We Do What We Can has shipped several trucks with clothes to refugees in Turkey and Iraq, as well as medical equipment to doctors in underground hospitals in the besieged Syrian city Aleppo.

We have also provided financing for families of refugees who drowned while crossing the Mediterranean to visit the graves of their loved ones.